Royal Elegance


About Us

The Aristocrat of Bands is nationally known for its rich tradition in candor, marching athleticism, and show stopping presentations. The Royal Elegance Flag Corp is a collegiate auxiliary unit within the Aristocrat of Bands whose purpose is to undergird the band with performances highlighting their majestic pageantry and color guard artistry. The Royal Elegance Flag Corp is known as an elite group of young ladies who possess skill, class, and technique and uphold the AOB’s long legacy of excellence as well as show stopping crowd pleasing performances. The ladies of the Royal Elegance Flag Corp are expected to uphold the motto of the Tennessee State and the AOB which is “Think-Work-Serve,” as well as uphold the standards set forth by the University. Ladies of the Royal Elegance Flag Corp will operate and carry themselves as a lady should with both “Royalty” and “Elegance” at all times. This includes on and off campus activities as well as all social media outlets.


As a member of the Royal Elegance Flag Corp, students must meet the academic expectations of the AOB and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater. Any student who does not meet the GPA requirement will automatically be put on probation. Members of Royal Elegance are expected to attend all scheduled classes, labs, seminars, etc. and are expected to meet and follow all policies set forth by the AOB and the University. Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from the Royal Elegance Flag Corp.


Members of Royal Elegance Flag Corp are required to attend all AOB rehearsals as well as any additional rehearsals scheduled by the Royal Elegance Flag Corp Coach. All members are expected to arrive on time for all rehearsals. Students with excessive tardies and/or absences may be put on probation or dismissed from the Flag Corp. Flag Corp members are required to perform for both the fall and spring semester, which may include performances during scheduled school breaks and holidays.


Royal Elegance will serve the community through voluntarism and will participate in these activities throughout the academic school year.

Eligibility Requirements

Freshman must provide a copy of their acceptance letter from Tennessee State University and a copy of their proof of housing form for the upcoming fall semester. These forms must be provided at the beginning of Clinic tryouts or they may be emailed with the other required documents listed below.

TSU upperclassmen must provide a copy of their current transcript, and transfer students must provide a transcript from their previous institution.

Candidates for Royal Elegance will also need to submit the following information:

· Royal Elegance Application

· A 2 minute video demonstrating flag skills, choreography, and/or technique

· A Head Shot 8 x 10 inch (professional head shot preferred, no selfies)

· Medical Physical

· 2 Letters of Recommendation

All information stated above must be submitted via email to



Band Application Flags (pdf)